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Think in HD /by Huy-D农ng


Think in HD /by Huy-D农ng


My 2021 Quick Review

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Nguy峄卬 Huy D农ng
Dec 31, 2021

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馃摋If I had to write a book on my year, it would be called 馃憠Life Happens - Adapt, Appreciate, And Grow!

馃幎One song that I listened to over and over again this year 馃憠 Tr峄憂 T矛m - 膼en V芒u

馃帪锔廜ne favorite movie of this year that I enjoyed watching 馃憠The Queen's Gambit

馃帶One book I read this year that changed my perspective 馃憠Not a book, but a podcast: The Philosophy of BitCoin and How it could change the world as we know it - ImpactTheory

馃槑Best person/artist that I discovered this year 馃憠@ Ruby Nguyen

馃弲Achievement that I am most proud of this year 馃憠I kept on learning, creating, sharing, and loving. As a result, I published one mobile app, one collection of simple math games, multiple videos in B峄 D农ng 膽峄峜 truy峄噉, started to play the Piano, and keep on being my children's best friend and life mentor.

馃The most challenging thing I faced this year 馃憠The GameFi tsunami by the end of the year led to a huge wave of resignations that instantly put the growth and stability of the studio to the test. So stressful, frustrated, and sad

馃How did I grow as a person in the year 2021? 馃憠(1) Increased my self-awareness with the Coaching program at work, (2) Kept on Learn, Share, Create, Love, (3) Appreciate the beauty of life even with all the difficulties and uncertainties it brought

馃懆鈥嶐煄揝kills that I learned this year 馃憠Basic Piano Playing, Basic Flutter Development,, L&D, Noob Blockchain Development

馃幆My one goal of 2022 馃憠Consistently publish my writings and learnings every week as NFT, establish myself as a Content Creator in the intersection of Technology, Learning, and Leadership

馃獪The initial steps I will take in 2022 to reach my goals 馃憠Build a sustainable framework/toolbox that allows me to push out writing and video with 2 hours max every week, Release the first video on 9th Jan, Deploy an NFT collection before Tet

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