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Think in HD /by Huy-Dũng

Think in HD /by Huy-Dũng

RandomChess - Fun Learning

RandomChess - Fun Learning

Generate a fully randomized Chessboard and play with friends anytime, anywhere.

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Nguyễn Huy Dũng
·Jun 17, 2021·

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This is a small application I created with Flutter to spice up my daily Chess games with my 6-year-old son. If you also play Chess with kids, give it a try! Here are the best 3 things about this app:


Fully Randomized Board

Maximum fun and slightly "unfair" - The mode that little kids LOVE!

All the pieces are randomized and pawns can be placed on either the first or second rows! The only two rules are (1) the King must not be exposed on the front-line and (2) Bishops must be in squares of opposite colors. Black and White start with totally different positions most of the time.

Chess960 board

Recognized by FIDE, the fun and challenging mode for serious players!

In this mode, all the pawns are in standard positions, the other pieces are randomized on the usual row with respect to three rules (1) King must be in between the two rooks, (2) Bishops must be in squares of opposite colors, and (3) Black pieces are mirrored from White pieces.

2-players play on the same device

Specifically optimized game play for two players directly on the device.

There are unlimited Undo, you can either Drag-and-Drop or Click-and-Click to make a move, there are extremely clear indicators and animations of whose turn is this and which piece is chosen for a move, plus hidden surprises. Play a game to see it for yourself.


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